Bringing Moments to Light

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  • . light .

    The essence of photography. The word "photo" is derived from the Greek word "phos", which means "light". Light is energy, a constant source and important element of life in itself. Photography is the manipulation of energy, the manipulation of light. Like music, a musician is a master in manipulating sound; a photographer is a master at manipulating light. Light embodies everything photography is.

  • . soul .

    The immaterial essence; the feel in an image. The emotional core and my own very personal, vested contribution to it. The eyes are the windows to the soul; the soul sees through the window and seeks out the moments in the light. Capturing the essence of a moment is the song within every photographer's soul. A great image will always speak to you with its soul and sway your own to emotion.

  • . photographics .

    The creative, the discipline, the art. The unique stamp that takes a photograph and makes something more of it. Beyond the camera obscura and into the digital fray. Where the camera is an extension of my eye, the photographic is an extension of my mind.